Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Books, Books, and Campfire S'mores!

OMG.  I have totally been blog-slacking the last couple of weeks.  Allow me to catch you up on all the fun and excitement you have missed!

What I'm Reading: 
I have been devouring my summer reading list.  BONES AND ALL by Camille DeAngelis was AWESOME.  Canibals.  In love.  It was epic.

 COUNTING BY SEVENS by Holly Goldberg Sloan was pretty awesome, too.  I like it when you are handed a pile of really messed up characters in the beginning, and by the end everyone's lives are better.
 I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman was not really my bag.  I am just not a contemp YA girl.  
 THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir was AMAZING.  It was like MacGyver, but on Mars.  
 FLORA AND ULYSSES was fun and silly.  A squirrel with super-powers helps a family in turmoil? Yes, please!

What I've Been Writing:  

I am halfway done with my WIP!  Woo Hoo!  Camp Nanowrimo has really kicked my butt into gear. Hopefully I will have a finished draft by the end of the month.  I am currently at 25K.  

What Else Has Been Going On:  Summer is flying by!  I've been trying to squeeze each and every drop out of this time with the kiddos!

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