Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Signing

I went to the Epic Reads "Dark Days Tour" on Monday night!  It featured five different YA authors who have written darker themed books.  COMMITTED would have fit right in!  The authors answered some questions on a panel about their writing process, so it was fascinating for me as an aspiring author.  It seems ridiculous that anyone would stand in line for my autograph, but who knows?  This is me with Danielle Page, the author of DOROTHY MUST DIE, a fun retelling of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Wow, April just flew by, and I am now the proud author of a new completed rough draft!  Sadly, it still doesn't have a title, but perhaps something will come to me during the revisions.  This one was a MG adventure, and I am really loving writing for that age group.  Maybe I have found my niche.

I got my comments back from my faithful Beta Readers, and they have been very helpful.  I am currently going through COMMITTED another time, to get it really polished up and hopefully ready to submit soon.

So now the big question is... What to write next???  I am in the brainstorming phase, and have been batting around a couple of ideas, but haven't firmly settled on anything yet.    Writers group is tonight, though, and my CP Jennie is always good for bouncing ideas around!

My goals for this month:  Finish revisions of COMMITTED and settle on an idea for book #3!