Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Guest Speaking Debut

It's Wednesday (although, there isn't much left of it), so here's the update on me!

What I'm Reading:  Well, I just reread Harry Potters #1-3.

 They are, of course, some of my favorite books of all time, but I hadn't reread any since I began my writing journey.  I am deep in editing mode (see below), so I actually got pretty excited whenever Jo used the word "was" or accidentally word echoed, or (gasp!) used multiple exclamation points per page!!!  It just goes to show that telling a great story trumps all!

I am also reading BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott for my Reading for Writer's group.  We will meet up and discuss this awesome book about writing in a few weeks.

What I'm Writing:  I am RE-writing.  My goal is to finish revisions for my MG Fantasy by the end of the month.  I am also querying my MG sic-fi on the side.  I like to have several pans on the fire, so to speak.

What Else is New:  On Monday night I got to be the guest speaker at my local library's writer's group (with my CP Jennie helping me out)!  I talked all about query letters.  It was fun and scary, but well received.  I just love being a part of the writing community.
(This is my local library.  It is seriously so beautiful.  I want to live there.)

Happy Reading and Writing to you!

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