Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gods and (MG) Godesses

Hello, my lovelies!  I promise, I wasn't just slacking off the last few weeks.  I have been uber-busy with Nano (see below)!

What I'm  Reading:  I finally finished AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman.
This was the first adult book I've read in a really long time, and boy were some parts adult.  Haha.  But it was a great read.  Awesome characters and mind boggling research.  I give it the Niki seal of approval.

What I'm Writing:  Editing up a storm over here, and I should have a polished MG Fantasy by the end of the week.  I had some major plot bunnies to fix, and I am really happy with the structure the story has now.  I'm going to let it rest while I draft my new shiny, and then send it off to CP's.

What Else is Going On:  On Saturday I am going to a SCBWI one day intensive on writing MG!  It will be taught by Candice Ransom, author of over 100 children's books.  I am REALLY looking forward to this day of talking about methods and plotting.  I'm reading FINDING DAYS BOTTOM right now, to familiarize myself with Ms. Ransom's work.

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