Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Sad Farewell to WUW

Hello, friends!  Let's play another round of What's Up Wednesday!  WUW is a writerly blog hop started by Erin Funk and Jaime Morrow.  And sadly, this week's is the last one!  You can find out more here.  I will still be posting every week though, if I can remember!
What I'm Reading:
 WHEN YOU REACH ME, a super fun MG time travel book.
 JAKE AND LILY, Twins with a special connection have to learn to have lives apart from each other. LOVE Jerry Spinelli, and this book didn't disappoint.
WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE, First daughter Audrey is inspired when she finds an old journal of Alice Roosevelts.  I liked the concept of this one (and I love anything that makes me feel like I learned something about history) but I just didn't feel like the voice was very authentic.

What I'm Writing:  Query letters and an Editing Plan for Nano in April.

What Works for Me:  I have seriously loved being a part of What's Up Wednesday and I really want to stay connected to you all through writing challenges and Twitter!  Thanks for all the encouragement and advice!

What Else is Going On:  Spring break is next week, and I could not be more excited.  I love having a week wide open with just me and the kiddos and nothing  on our schedules.

I am going to be attempting to follow your blogs by email or subscription so that we can stay in touch.  Would you mind doing the same?  I have had this blog for over a year and I believe I have one follower... LOL.


  1. So glad you've enjoyed participating in WUW! Enjoy your spring break, and I hope the query writing and NaNo planning are going well! :)

  2. I've enjoyed WUW, too, and I'm sad to see it go. Hope the editing goes well! :)

  3. I'm signing up :) Yay to a free week with the kiddos! And to query preparations. I'm hoping to hit NaNo Camp; I have a MS all ready to be written, but the revisions on the last one aren't going as quick as I'd hoped. Maybe I'll see you there!