Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Swap, A Plot, and A Workshop

Hey Writer Friends!  Hope all is well on your end of the bookstore.  I thought I would catch you up on what's going on over here.

What I'm Reading:   I just finished THE SWAP by Megan Shull.  This was a fun take on a Freaky-Friday-like switch.  The concept was interesting enough to keep me reading, but the dialog...  was lacking.  I am around middle school kids frequently and I have NEVER heard anyone talk like they do in this book.  So bad.
I also just finished STORY ENGINEERING by Larry Brooks.
This was a GREAT guide to story planning, but pants-ers beware; Mr. Brooks is pretty vocal about how you are wrong.  LOL.  Since I am an outlin-er myself, I liked the thorough explanation of story beats.  It got my gears turning, that's for sure!

What I'm Writing:
I am still planning a story that I hope to start drafting next month.  It will be a MG contemporary (a first for me).  So far so good!

What Else is Happening:  Last weekend I went to a one day intensive workshop with my local SCBWI branch.  It was all about MG and chapter books, and taught by Candice Ransom (author of over 120 children's books).  I love getting to spend a day with other writers learning new things!

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