Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunshine and SCBWI

Hello there, Wednesday Warriors.  Welcome to another installment of What's Up Wednesday, a writerly blog hop created by Erin Fun and Jamie Marrow.  Click here to learn how you can play along.
We need a springy-er button...

What I've Been Reading:  This week I read two terrific MG books.  First, The Magician's Elephant, by Kate Dicamillo.  This story is told from a whole bunch of different character's perspectives and all the different story lines tie together neatly.  I was going to give it three stars because I kept getting tripped up by the flowery language, but then one scene totally made me cry, so I bumped it up to four!

Next, I read Freaky Fast Franky Joe by Lutricia Clifton.  I loved this book.  The story was so heartwarming, and the pacing was great.  It's about a trailer park kid who moves to the country with his dad and half sibs.  A really fun contemp MG.

What I'm Writing:  All I've really been writing this week are pitches for #pitmad, which is today, and so far no love for Braya (UNDER THE BLUE, MG Sci-fi).  I guess the day is not over yet, so I should keep my chin up.  

What Works for Me: I love going to my local SCBWI conference in the fall.  The speakers and classes are so helpful, and you get to meet some agents and editors in person.  I highly recommend if you have never gone before.  It is also a great place to meet other writers and potential CPs.

What Else I've Been Up To:  SUNSHINE ON MY FACE.  Yay for no more snow drifts.  At least not this week.  In Missouri, you are not really safe until June. 


  1. Yay for Spring! Best of luck with Pitmad - hope you get some requests, but there are always more contests/querying! :)

  2. Hope the snow drifts stay gone... for the week at the very least!

    Best of luck with PitMad today!!!

  3. Ooh, gotta get on twitter and retweet your pitches. Good luck with pitmad!

  4. It's in the 60s here today. Yay! One day I really want to go to a conference. I've never been to one before. In April I'm going to a literary festival. I'm looking forward to that. Have a great week!

  5. I'll have to check out THE MAGICIAN'S ELEPHANT - I've read a couple other Kate Dicamillo books and enjoyed them (although they made me teary).

    Enjoy the nice weather!

  6. I've gotta check out THE MAGICIAN'S ELEPHANT - always on the look out for strange (and flowery) MG!

    Have a great week!