Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Winning at Losing

Hallo Wednesday Warriors!  Here's what's up with me...

What I'm Reading:  I got two books going right now cause I'm just that lazy.  Downstairs is GLORY O'BRIENS HISTORY OF THE FUTURE.  Love the voice in this one, but it's pretty dark, so when my brain needs a break I go upstairs and read...

THE RED QUEEN, which is also pretty dark but it's like a dystopia, so not quite as intense.  Both great reads so far.
What I'm Writing:  Remember last week when I said I crossed 10K in my WIP... That was a lie, apparently, because I just did this week.  But, hey, words.  As long as the word count keeps going up its a win.
What Else is Going On:  My query for my MG Fantasy got picked for Query Kombat!  What an honor.  I am getting KILLED in the contest, but also gleaning helpful critiques, so I'll take it.  Once I make the necessary changes my query will be ready to go out to agents.

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