Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Up To My Elbows in Edits

Hey Everyone!  I just realized (with a jolt) that it was once again Wednesday, and I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks from our friendly neighborhood blog hop!  What's Up Wednesday is a fun way for authors to connect.  Find out more on Jaime Morrow's blog.

What I'm Reading:  I just finished UNGIFTED by Gordon Korman, and I loved his MG voice.  I thought the plot was clever and the characters were fun. Some of the Goodreads reviews said that they felt like gifted students were being stereotyped in this book (no social skills,  Starwars fans, etc.) , so that is something to consider, but overall, I really liked it.

What I'm Writing:  I am deep in the editing trenches for the next couple of months y'all.  I have three manuscripts that need work, so that is what I'm writing.  Not very exciting, I know...

What's Inspiring Me:  I have really enjoyed the twitter community and support surrounding Pitch Wars.  For me, it's a little bit like buying a lottery ticket.  Your chances of actually winning aren't that great, but the weeks of dreaming are worth the price of the ticket.  I did get pages requested from one of my mentors, so I consider that a win already.  At least it means my query and first chapter aren't total crap, right?  Not so inspiring is Writeoncon for me right now.  I have had some comments that were a little harsh, I feel.  But I guess all of that helps me get better, right?  

What Else is Going On:  My daughter started Kindergarten, and so far she is loving it.  I miss her during the day, but not as much as my two year old son does.  The two of us have had a lot of one on one time lately, so that is good.

Hope you all have been keeping busy!  Let me know what you've been up to!


  1. Isn't Twitter amazing? I love it! :D

    WriteOnCon definitely teaches you to take criticism whether you want it or not. I've definitely had some feedback that's been tough to take, but that's pretty much how rejections feel, so it's *definitely* a way to get better :) Hang in there!

    Have a great week!

  2. Hmm, it's interesting that some reviewers found UNGIFTED stereotyped smart kids. I haven't read it, but Gordon Korman's portrayal of homeschooled kids in SCHOOLED, was unfortunately very stereotypical and pretty far from the truth. I forgive him though, seeing as he's the author that originally inspired me to write, and he's got so many fantastic and funny books out.

    I'm wishing you lots of luck for Pitch Wars. Congrats on having pages requested! It's really competitive so be proud that your query & intro caught a mentor's eye! :)