Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flappers and Campers

Hello, Wednesday Warriors, and welcome to What's Up Wednesday, a writerly blog hop hosted by Erin Funk and Jaime Morrow.  Visit their blogs to find out how you can play along!

What I'm Reading:  I am trying to read through a huge stack of comps for my November WIP, and the one I am currently devouring is VIXEN by Jillian Larken.   I love it when historical fiction can be cool and edgy and relevant to today's readers like this one.  Hopefully my own will turn out that way as well.  Which brings me to...

What Am I Writing:  I am currently outlining for my Nano project.  It is a fun YA set during prohibition, called THE BOOTLEGGER'S LETTERS.

What Works for Me:  This is probably not that helpful of a tip, but right now I am querying my YA Historical Thriller COMMITTED, and of course you have to keep track of who has received all those brilliant letters.  I personally like to hand-write out the agent's name, agency, date, and response in one spiral notebook.  That way I don't have to open up a spreadsheet file or any of that nonsense.  Something about handwriting that big "R" after each agent's name makes you feel like you are really accomplishing something, right?

What Else is Happening:
Getting ready to go on our last camping trip of the season this weekend.  Can't wait for snuggles and S'mores with these guys!


  1. Ha! Love the 'sense of accomplishment' perspective on handwriting the big R. I also use a notebook to keep track of queries sent. (I use a colour coded system. Rs are noted in green highlighter.)
    Good luck with the outline!

  2. "I love it when historical fiction can be cool and edgy and relevant to today's readers..." Yes, I totally agree! I'm currently planning a YA historical, so I hope I'm able to make it relevant to today's readers as well. Your WiPs both sound fantastic! Definitely stories that this YA historical-loving reader would check out. When I was querying before, I used a spreadsheet with info about agents only because I planned on maybe querying those same agents with different projects and could update their info as time passed and whatnot. Still, I do like the idea of handwriting it all out and updated it that way as well. Good luck with your querying and outlining! :D

  3. Love that photo of the family. Enjoy the camping trip. What a great way to spend time together. Congrats on getting to the query stage! Sending you good luck.